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Learning to Charge for Your Work: Behind the Scenes of Sara Vieira's $25,000 Ebook Launch

Sara Vieira works on open source at CodeSandbox and is a prolific maker and tech speaker. Learn how she approached launching her first paid product, The Opinionated Guide to React.


Why Understanding Your Audience is the Key to Blogging Growth with Edidiong Asikpo

Edidiong Asikpo is a software engineer, technical writer, community builder and speaker. Learn how she approaches growing her blog's readership strategically through Twitter and community.

Decoupling Your Time From Your Money Through Blogging with Ted Avery

Learn how Ted Avery's skills as a software developer helped him build a profitable blog about budget travel and decouple his time from his income.

From Zero to 300k Monthly Readers: The Impact of Consistency with Robin Wieruch

Learn how Robin's goal of reinforcing his own learning as a developer led him to create a technical blog that teaches software development to over 300,000 people every month.

Blogging for Devs
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