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17 Link Building Strategies for Developers and Technical Founders

Grow the authority of your blog or SaaS by getting backlinks that help you rank higher in Google. Whether you're a developer, a technical founder, or just want to grow traffic to your side project, at least a few of these link building strategies will work for you.


Launching a Newsletter: How We Reached 1.2K+ Subscribers in Under Two Weeks

Learn how the Blogging for Devs newsletter reached over one thousand subscribers through an intentional newsletter launch strategy. See which tactics worked best and apply them to your own launch!

How to Uncover Non-obvious SEO Mistakes on Gatsby Websites

Learn how to find and fix common Gatsby SEO mistakes that could be affecting your rankings in Google. These mistakes aren't covered any in other SEO guide, because most devs don't realize the impact of these seemingly trivial mistakes.

From Zero to 300k Monthly Readers: The Impact of Consistency with Robin Wieruch

Learn how Robin's goal of reinforcing his own learning as a developer led him to create a technical blog that teaches software development to over 300,000 people every month.