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Josh Comeau
Josh Comeau

One of my favourite newsletters is @monicalent's Blogging for Devs. It's a goldmine of little tips and tricks. This week, it's all about how to procedurally generate pages that can boost your search engine rankings πŸ’― You can join it here:

Gergely Orosz
Gergely Orosz

If you're writing (or planning to write) a technical blog, Monica's newsletter and course are full of insights it otherwise takes years to figure out.

Recommended, and I'm also a reader (

A-P Koponen
A-P Koponen

If you're a developer and even slightly interested in blogging, Monica's newsletter is pure gold!

Linda Ikechukwu
Linda Ikechukwu

@monicalent thanks a lot for your #bloggingfordevs newsletter. It's been really insightful and helpful in setting up my blog.

If you're a developer trying to get into blogging, I'll definitely recommend checking out for her newsletter.

Rey van den Berg
Rey van den Berg

Check out @monicalent's profile. She currently has a newsletter where she's sharing blogging tips πŸ™Œ they've been super insightful since I started receiving them

Shawn "Swyx" Wang
Shawn "Swyx" Wang

Just want to throw a shoutout to @monicalent's newsletter and email course,

Its a proven email newsletter on how to build an email newsletter - very meta right?

and I'm learning a lot from how she structures these weekly recs πŸ“ˆ

Joe Previte
Joe Previte

If one of your goals is to blog more in 2021, I highly suggest signing up for the @bloggingfordevs newsletter by @monicalent.

Every newsletter, I learn something new or feel inspired in some way.

Ashlee Boyer
Ashlee Boyer

If you haven't subscribed for this free email course, you totally should! It's super helpful and the rest of @monicalent's newsletter is excellent as well. Sign up! ✍️

Sean Ziegler
Sean Ziegler

Just found myself checking my inbox for today’s version of Blogging for Devs and wishing it had arrived - I think that’s the best review I can give. Loving it so far! πŸ‘πŸ»


Huge shoutout to @monicalent's super concise email newsletter course for helping me lay the groundwork for this blog. Thank you!

Blogging for Devs: Free Email Course & Newsletter

You don't have to be Twitter-famous to grow your blog

Hi. I'm Monica πŸ‘‹

And I've learned that effective blogging can change your life.

It sounds kinda dramatic but it's true.

Blogging has brought me: Job opportunities and consulting work. Speaking gigs at conferences around the world. Even the financial freedom to bootstrap my own company full-time.

But it's not as simple as writing something and pressing "Publish".

Going in without a strategy is not why my blog posts have been read over one million people to date.

Google analytics screenshot

Google Analytics daily report from one of my three blogs

But when a few of my friends in tech asked me recently for advice about how to grow their own blogs, I realized that most of the important skills that got me to this point just aren't common for developers.

That's why I decided to create this free email course πŸ“¬

(Also because I've got some spare time on my hands, thanks coronavirus? 😭)

I made this course in the form of a 7-day challenge to help you go from idea to distribution of one, excellent article.

After the course, you'll get a twice per month email with more useful blogging tips, topics, and strategies.

During the 7-day course, you'll learn how to:

  1. Use SEO to get discovered without an existing audience
  2. Figure out what content people want to read and share
  3. Optimize and repurpose content you've already written
  4. Grow an email list (without selling your soul)
  5. Build a personal brand around written content

The email list is the only way to access this course (ironic, I know 😏).

So sign up below to get the course:

Get the "Blogging for Devs" free email course

Whether you're just starting out, trying to revive an existing blog, or want to get past a plateau, this course and newsletter is for you.

Join over 7,415 developers growing their blogs now:

Meet your host 🎩

Monica Lent portrait

My name is Monica (@monicalent), and I've been writing code for over 20 years (professionally for ten of those).

In the last four years, I've started three blogs on three different topics: travel, tech, and my own product.

In 2019, my income from blogging enabled me to quit my job and bootstrap my SaaS company full-time: an analytics and attribution tool for affiliates called Affilimate.

I know a ridiculous amount about blogging.

(I mean really, how many times can I write the word "blogging"?)

And I love sharing my knowledge and helping devs and people in tech kickstart their blogs in the right way!

So subscribe to the Blogging for Devs email course and newsletter, and get the basics of what I've learned over 4 years in just 7 days.

Get the "Blogging for Devs" free email course

Join over 7,415 developers growing their blogs now:

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