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Sean Connolly's Blog

1. Sean Connolly's Blog

Sean writes about frontend web and mobile development with Flutter and React.js. He also covers backend topics like GraphQL, Fauna, and anything else that help frontend developers build amazing apps. Every post has an added touch of visual diagrams and interactive examples to help frontend developers of all levels learn important concepts and pragmatic knowledge that can be applied today.

Don't be fooled by NODE_ENV · Sean Connolly

Iiro's blog

2. Iiro's blog

Iiro writes about Flutter and Dart. His blog focuses on testing, architecture, and a bit deeper things than just creating UIs. The blog used to be called and having started in 2017, it's one of the very first blogs about Flutter on the web.

Code with Andrea

3. Code with Andrea

Andrea writes in-depth articles and records YouTube videos about Dart, Firebase, and Flutter. He covers state management, layouts, animation, and more. In addition, Andrea has published a number of successful courses about Flutter and Dart, with his latest on the topic of animation with Flutter.

What’s New in Dart 3: Introduction


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Best Flutter blogs

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