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Android Development blogs

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Jake Wharton

1. Jake Wharton

Jake Wharton from Square blogs regularly on Java /JVM internals and Android development tools. Some of his recent articles also touch on working with Docker and Kotlin and handling interoperability in Java.

Shrinking a Kotlin binary by 99.2% – Jake Wharton

Android DevelopmentJava
Nicola Corti's Blog

2. Nicola Corti's Blog

Nicola is a GDE for Kotlin. He blogs about Kotlin, Android, DevOps, open-source and mobile development as a whole. Recent posts talk about using GitHub actions, Gradle plugins, and Nicola's blueprint for creating new Android projects.

Don’t be lazy, use @Rules

Rebecca Franks - @riggaroo

3. Rebecca Franks - @riggaroo

Rebecca writes beside Android and Kotlin also about OpenGL, GitHub Actions, and in general technologies relevant for Android development. Her blog really covers a lot of different topics in great detail, and is a good fit for Android developers in any experience level.


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Best Android Development Blogs

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