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Newsletter Shoutout to Over 7,000 Subscribers
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Newsletter Shoutout to Over 7,000 Subscribers

As a way to say “Thanks!” for your very first referral, you’ll get your Name, Twitter Handle, and Blog URL shared at the bottom of the next Blogging for Devs Newsletter.

Your shoutout will be delivered to over 7,415 developers and folks in tech around the world.

Free, 2-Part Masterclass Bundle
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Free, 2-Part Masterclass Bundle

Get access to two, premium masterclass sessions straight out of our Pro community: On-Site SEO for Developers and Craft Your Content Plan.

Learn fundamental on-site SEO techniques and put them into practice with a well-crafted content plan. Content Planning blueprint also included! (Both videos are captioned)

Space and SEO-themed Laptop Sticker Pack
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Space and SEO-themed Laptop Sticker Pack

Get a set of three, stunning Space and SEO-themed stickers for your laptop. Exclusively available through the Blogging for Devs newsletter referral program!

Mailed to your house or office from Germany with a hand-written thank you note from Monica ✍

1:1 Virtual Coffee with Monica
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1:1 Virtual Coffee with Monica

Want to get feedback on your blog, troubleshoot an SEO issue, or just brainstorm together about how to grow your site or side project?

Once you refer 50 people, we’ll sit down for a virtual coffee and see what we can do to help you take the next step for whatever you're working on!

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Learn how to grow your blog as a developer without an existing audience through great writing and SEO.

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